New publishing alert for the 2021–2022 academic year!

Introducing the new series of IB Interactive Coursebooks from Extend Education. Written by experienced teachers, workshop leaders and examiners, this vibrant and affordable series of fully interactive books provides invaluable support in an accessible and engaging style.

IB Interactive Coursebook: Social and Cultural Anthropology is a one-of-a-kind learning experience for students. Through the use of engaging content and interactive tasks, this book goes beyond the traditional textbook formula and brings anthropology to life.


  • Complete and comprehensive curriculum coverage for the IBDP Social and Cultural Anthropology course.
  • Exploration of the language and practice of anthropology and anthropological thinking.
  • Highly engaging ethnographies to acquaint students with anthropological perspectives and ways of thinking.
  • In-depth look of all the areas of anthropological inquiry.
  • Focused chapters made relevant and purposeful through engaging case-studies and examples.
  • Support for internal assessment and external exams.
  • Multimedia content and interactive tasks to interest students.

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