PYP Agents: Class set


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PYP Agents is a series of 20 fun, nonfiction chapter books in which students are guided through their reading by the friendly “Nat the Ant”.

This new and highly engaging series:

  • supports the Enhanced PYP
  • is suitable for children aged 7–8 (Year 3 / Grade 2)
  • is published with 100+ free, downloadable teaching and learning materials
  • full to bursting with inquiry questions, prompts and activities to encourage student engagement.

The PYP Agents books are accompanied by a free Teacher’s Guide and downloadable lesson materials in an editable format that you can personalise to your students’ needs. These include references to key concepts and Visible Thinking Routines to support thinking, teaching and learning. View the free Teacher’s Guide and lesson materials.

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Available on backorder



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