I am a Cambridge International School – can I use IMPACT with my students?

IMPACT has been designed as an enrichment programme for international schools all over the world. However, it has some unique applications and benefits for Cambridge International students. 

Global Perspectives

IMPACT has been mapped to the syllabus aims of the following Cambridge International courses:

Registration standards

IMPACT supports the registration quality standards as outlined in Becoming a Cambridge International School. Schools are required to demonstrate that ‘international awareness and global perspectives are promoted through the curriculum and other activities’ and IMPACT provides the perfect solution for schools who are having trouble demonstrating this quality standard in a meaningful way.

UCAS/University/College applications

During IMPACT, students manage their own learning and build competencies across four key areas: core skills, innovation, leadership and enterprise – helping them to stand out from the crowd on job or UCAS/college applications. Each of the 10 topics in IMPACT is linked to discrete skills that have been chosen for their relevance to the World Economic Forum’s top 10 job skills of tomorrow.

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