Student referral scheme

How does the student referral scheme work?

  1. Sign up for your school’s code using this form.
  2. You will receive a coupon code that you can pass on to your students. All students at your school will use the same code.
  3. Give your students a deadline to place their orders. 
  4. When students place an order on the Extend Education website, they simply add the code to their shopping cart.
  5. A discount of 30% and free shipping will automatically be applied to the order.
  6. Parents can pay for the book with the discount and free shipping applied.
  7. All books will be shipped in one go to your school – together with a list of all students who have purchased.

What is the minimum number of books that needs to be ordered per school?

A minimum order of 15 books per school is required to be eligible for free shipping. If fewer than 15 books are ordered across all students using the code, then a shipping cost to your school will apply.  

What happens if parents add their own shipping addresses when they order?

If parents put a shipping address in with their order, this will be overwritten with the school address. The books will only be shipped to a school address. 

I need fewer than 15 copies for my school, will my students miss out?

No, not at all. Students will still be able to take advantage of the 30% discount code and free shipping offer. However, your school would not be eligible for free shipping and and a shipping charge will need to be paid by the school in order to get the books to you.

I want to purchase books directly for my students, can I still sign up for the referral scheme?

Please contact us at to discuss your requirements and we’d be happy to help. 

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