When is IMPACT designed to be used in the school year?

IMPACT takes approximately 30 learning hours to complete. It can be used over various durations.

Option 1:

IMPACT can be used as an intensive programme, over 2–4 weeks. This particularly suits schools running a summer school, or those running a dedicated pre-DP, pre-International A level or pre-university course.

Option 2:

IMPACT can be used to support an element of the curriculum (in particular CAS or Global Perspectives) over the course of one academic year.

Option 3:

IMPACT can be used as an enrichment programme over the course of 1 term (or 12 weeks). This is particularly useful if your school has a rotation of extracurricular activity options for students or, for example, Sixth Form Study time (or equivalent).

Option 4:

Any other duration is possible and we can work with you to integrate IMPACT into your school. Whichever way you are intending to use it, the process of how to use it is the same.

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