Learning outcome 1: The characteristics of improving own learning and performance
Learning outcome 2: Know how to plan to reach learning targets
Learning outcome 3: Be able to review own performance

Guide to this interactive unit

There are several features throughout the unit that will help guide you through the content. These are presented in boxes to help them stand out.

Word check!

Here you will find words and phrases for you to remember.

Here’s an example…

In these boxes, you will get an example, a video or a case study to help you make sense of the learning.


These assessment tasks are for you to complete. For each task, there is a Learner Assessment Worksheet that you can download and fill in. You will need to upload these, when asked, at the end of each learning outcome.

Task (Maths or English skill build)

If an assessment task helps to build your English or Maths skills, they will be in boxes like this. You will complete these tasks in your Learner Assessment Worksheet.

Let’s recap...

These boxes contain a brief recap of what you have covered in the learning outcome.

Your Learner Assessment Worksheets

example of a learner assessment worksheet

To complete your Learner Assessment Worksheets for this unit you need to.

  • Fill out your name and the date.
  • Complete the tasks by typing directly into the answer boxes.
  • Save the PDF to your desktop.
  • Upload your completed worksheet when you are asked to. This will be at the end of each learning outcome.

E-inspection request

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