Learning outcome 1: The characteristics of improving own learning and performance
Learning outcome 2: Know how to plan to reach learning targets
Learning outcome 3: Be able to review own performance

1.3.1. Reasons for choosing a learning target

There are a number of reasons why you would choose a learning target. You might want to:

  • get better at doing something
  • get even better at doing something
  • learn something new.

In relation to work, the reason for choosing your learning target might be to:

  • do better at your job
  • get a higher-level job
  • change your career
  • start a new job
  • develop skills that will help you inside or outside your work.

There are other reasons you can give for your choice of learning target. Take a look at the three categories below.

This is any education or training you need in order to carry out your job or continue your learning. For example, you might need to learn how to use a new piece of machinery. Or you might need to go on a course to find out about a new piece of software.

Personal skills are sometimes called soft skills. You might have a target that will help you to improve your communication style over email. Or you might want to improve your organisation skills.

Some targets will help you to build up your knowledge and experience. Often, this kind of learning is unplanned. However, you can choose learning targets that aim to build up your knowledge or give you new experiences.

LO1: Task 4

List three types of learning which could be categorised as professional.

Then list three types of learning which could be categorised as personal.

An example of each has been included below.

Professional developmentPersonal development
A vocational course such as NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Warehousing and StorageCommunication skills

After you have completed this activity in your Learner Assessment Worksheet, save a copy on your desktop ready for the next Task.

Knowing your areas that need improvement will help you to decide which learning target will have the greatest impact on your performance.

LO1: Task 5

It is now time to think about all you have learned in this topic.

Describe a learning target for yourself.

Give three reasons why you have chosen this learning target.

Complete this activity in your Learner Assessment Worksheet.

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