Learning outcome 1: The characteristics of improving own learning and performance
Learning outcome 2: Know how to plan to reach learning targets
Learning outcome 3: Be able to review own performance

1.2.1. Identifying a learning target

Your learning target should be something that you should be able to do that you couldn’t do before. Or something you should know that you didn’t know before.

You might need to work on your behaviour, your skills or your experience. There is a four-step process to help you to identify your learning target.

  • What tasks and activities do you perform in your job role?
  • Which areas of performance will you need to improve for this?
  • What skills and knowledge will you need to achieve this?
  • What performance areas do you currently do well in?
  • What are the skills, experience and knowledge that you are missing?
  • In what areas do you need to improve to be able to perform your job role successfully?
  • Which area of improvement will have the biggest impact on your job performance?
  • What skills, knowledge and experience will you need to develop?

A learning target can fall into a number of different categories.

  • Improving your knowledge or experience. This may be within your business or professional qualifications.
  • Developing a skill that you need to complete work tasks, perform processes and procedures, or use equipment.
  • Developing a skill that will help you to perform well. This includes interpersonal skills, working effectively with others, and time management.

Learning targets will help you to focus on the specific areas that can improve your performance. Discussing your learning target with your line manager means they can help you to develop your skills and check your plan will deliver the outcomes you are hoping to achieve.

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