FEATURE – Scaffolding for exam success

To support learning and build student confidence, our Revise IB TestPrep Workbooks utilize a number of tools to scaffold learning and then fade it until the learner is able to succeed without the support in place.

Each book contains multiple sets of practice exam papers with gradually reduced guidance alongside each.

Set A: Build confidence and familiarity…
These papers include question-by-question support in the margin, strategies and markscheme hints to help students get to the right answer.

Set B: Find out where there are gaps in revision…
These papers have fewer helpful suggestions. Students should do these closer to the exam.

Set C: The ultimate exam practice!
These papers include no extra help – they are just like the real exam. The perfect set to check students are exam ready.

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Revise IB TestPrep Workbooks are highly effective when used from the beginning of DP1. Available for Biology, Design Technology, Environmental Systems and Societies, Global Politics, Psychology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sports Exercise and Health Science, World Religions.

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Try IMPACT – the project-based challenge where students work on the same issues as world leaders. Building 21st-century skills of sustainability literacy, innovation and agency against the backdrop of the UN SDGs.