Revise IB

When it comes to IB revision, Revise IB TestPrep Workbooks are more effective than just relying on past papers. The perfect way to get exam-ready before mocks and the real thing!


Available for a wide range of subjects, Revise IB TestPrep Workbooks are highly effective when used from the beginning of DP1. Each workbook EXPLAINS how to approach each paper, SHOWS examples of questions you will come across in your exams and TESTS your understanding with full sets of exam-style practice papers.

Exam-style practice papers

Each workbook contains 3 sets of exam-style practice papers – Set A, Set B and Set C.

All questions are presented with answers so you can check how you did in your practice papers!

Set A

Presented with a lot of tips and guidance to help you to get to the correct answer and boost your confidence!

Use these papers early on in your revision.

Set B

Presented with fewer helpful suggestions so you have to rely on your revision before trying these.

Test yourself using these papers when you are a bit more confident.

Set C

Presented with space to add your own notes and no guidance – the perfect way to test whether you are exam ready.

Use these papers as close as you can to the exam.