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Level 1 Occupational Studies in the Workplace

Published in partnership with NCFE, these endorsed Occupational Studies Interactive Units are the perfect resource to use for study and assessment. The Units can be standalone or as a contribution to the award, certificate or diploma in NCFE Level 1 Occupational Studies for the Workplace. All content is fully-covered and expertly mapped to the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Develop a ‘hands on’ approach to learning and gain practical knowledge, skills and understanding, whist preparing for working life beyond education.

Pre-16 and above | Colourful and interactive | Delivered online – for at-home or class-based learning

Unit 40: Understanding Business Communication

Learn about forms, choice and effective communication. Understand behaviours within a team and the benefits of effective communication strategy.
3 credits | Annual subscription | from £6.99

Unit 47: Developing Customer Service Skills

Understand the consequences of good and poor customer service skills and your role when dealing with complaints from customers.
3 credits | Annual subscription | from £6.99

Unit 64: Problem Solving at Work

Understand the different problems that may arise in a place of work, how they can be solved and the how to recognise possible solutions to a specific problem.
2 credits | Annual subscription | from £4.99

Unit 65: Working in a Team

Understand the characteristics of a good team. Participate in a team, whilst demonstrating strengths and the ability to value contribution from others.
2 credits | Annual subscription | from £4.99

Unit 66: Time Management Skills

Understand the benefits of good time management, be able to plan your own use of time and know how to improve your own time management.
2 credits | Annual subscription | from £4.99

Unit 67: Improving Own Learning and Performance

Understand how to identify your own strengths and areas for improvement. You will create an action plan and review your own performance.
2 credits | Annual subscription | from £4.99

More Units coming soon!

There are many more Units on the way. Watch this space...

Level 1 Awards and Certificates

Level 1 Award in Warehousing and Storage

Supporting a variety of job roles in the warehousing and storage industry.
14 credits | Annual subscription | from £25.99

Level 1 Award in Preparing to Learn

Understand the demands and main aims of a course of study. You will also understand how to organise study time effectively, including the key features of a good, safe and productive learning environment.
1 credit | Annual subscription | from £4.99

More Coursebooks coming soon!

There are many more Coursebooks on the way. Watch this space...

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