IB Primary Years Programme

Free PYP teaching and learning support

Teacher's Guide

The PYP Agents books contain exciting curriculum-based science, mathematics, and social studies content, as well as rich opportunities to explore the PYP transdisciplinary themes and the key concepts.

Find out more about the content – plus details of the essential informational text features in the books – in this free downloadable Teacher’s Guide.


Book-Specific Lessons

Each of the 20 books in the series has free supporting lesson ideas and resources to use in your classroom.

Comprehension strategy lesson

Jump start your students' reading with a strategies lesson.

Fluency, language and text features support​

Target specific learning points in context as students read.

Front-of-class presentation

Presentations to give at the front of the classroom.

Student worksheet

Worksheets for students to complete themselves.

Mini Lessons

Our mini lesson packs for PYP teachers cover specific aspects of language learning – from Asking Questions and Making Connections to Using Evidence and Visualising. These lessons are designed to build both the understanding and confidence of the readers. Each lesson comes with…


These quick and fun activities encourage drawing, reading and writing skills, and are perfect lesson starters or extension activities.

Also check out this series of free classroom posters to print and hang in your own classroom!