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Help your students learn in the moment with IMPACT, the transdisciplinary project-based challenge where students demonstrate awareness, action, advocacy and agency against the backdrop of current world issues and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Global perspective

The pandemic continues to have far-reaching consequences for the UN's 17 Global Goals. Students will think globally and act locally, using design thinking and an entrepreneurial mind set to innovate and prototype a solution to a problem currently being faced in another country.

In the moment

The current context presents a unique opportunity for students to work at the same time on the same issues as world leaders. IMPACT brings together resources that will guide them to translate knowledge and understanding into innovations that solve real-world problems.

During IMPACT, students manage their own learning and build competencies across four key areas: core skills, innovation, leadership and enterprise – helping them to stand out from the crowd on job or UCAS/college applications.

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is a project-based challenge for students aged 16–19. Students collaborate in teams to research the UN Sustainable Development Goals, identify a problem faced by a different country during the pandemic, and use innovation and design thinking skills to create a solution – before communicating it to the world!

Make an IMPACT from anywhere!

How it works…

30 hours | Complete in any timeframe | Access from anywhere

On their journey to becoming IMPACT Ambassadors, students work in teams of 3–5 to solve a series of mini project missions. These can be completed in an intensive way over the course of 2–4 weeks, or alongside their studies over a longer period.

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  • 2 class groups
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