Social and Cultural Anthropology TestPrep Workbook (SL & HL)


UPDATED to align with the ‘Overview of updates and clarifications for the social and cultural anthropology guide’ published by the IB in November 2019!

Written and reviewed by experienced teachers and examiners with an in-depth understanding of teaching and assessments for the IB social and cultural anthropology course.

This new TestPrep book helps students to familiarise themselves with the SOCANTH exam. It provides information about the approach of the papers and the types of exam questions they will come across. Students can practice answering the questions by writing directly into the book, just like they do in the exam. And, as they work through, there are strategies, hints and support for answering the questions PLUS fully worked solutions at the end.

From some excellent unseen text examples for Paper 1 to invaluable advice from the experts on how to tackle Paper 2, this book provides essential exam practice support for students revising for their social and cultural anthropology exam.

Students will:

  • understand what to expect from the SOCANTH exam papers – with a breakdown of the format of Paper 1 and Paper 2, the key concepts, the assessment objectives, and the six, BIG anthropological questions
  • see example answers to Paper 1 and Paper 2-style questions – with brand new, unseen texts, sample answers to exam-style questions and answer analysis from the point of view of an examiner
  • test themselves – with two complete sets of exam-style social and cultural anthropology practice papers (the first set includes loads of additional tips, examiner commentary and support to guide students to achieve high marks; the second set is designed so students can have a go at it themselves!)
  • check answers – with fully-worked solutions in the back of the book.

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Throughout this workbook, you will discover a steady flow of motivating features and prompts to help you succeed in the ways you develop, structure and examine your answers.

Useful features include:

  • Tips – helpful hints to guide you to the right answer
  • Warnings – alerting you to things that can be easily misunderstood
  • Answer Analysis – helping you to understand how marks are awarded
  • Links – where you can make interdisciplinary links to other subjects, like theory of knowledge (TOK) or the extended essay
  • Command Terms – explaining exactly what the question wants you to do
  • Identifiers – so that you are clear which assessment objective you are tackling.

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Nancy Graham, Rebecca M Hodges, Amelia Rowan, Rebecca Daum


978 1 913121 04 4

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About the authors

Nancy Graham
Nancy is an experienced IB anthropology teacher, anthropologist and musician with 31 years of teaching experience. She has a Ph.D. from The Graduate Theological Foundation, South Bend IN and completed her coursework at Oxford University, UK.  Her published works include They Bear Acquaintance (Peter Lang, 2017), African American Spirituals and the Revised Common Lectionary (Blurb, 2015) and articles in Foundation Journal (2006; 2016).

Rebecca Hodges
Rebecca is an anthropologist and global educator with a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and MA in Arabic, Islamic, & Near East Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She studies comparative education, teacher training for a knowledge economy, and technology integration and has served as a Mellon-Sawyer Fellow, Fulbright Scholar, and cultural competence teacher trainer. She is currently an International Baccalaureate Anthropology and Theory of Knowledge teacher and Social Studies Department Chair at Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, Tennessee.

Amelia Rowan
Amelia started studying IB Anthropology at age 15 and went on to study it at the University of Cambridge. She has been teaching IB Anthropology for six years and started up the course at Westminster Academy in the UK. Her interests include the study of gender, and also identity as a whole. This was consolidated at University, when for her dissertation, she undertook fieldwork with the British diaspora in Kenya.

Rebecca Daum (reviewer and contributor)
Rebecca is a Social and Cultural Anthropology instructor for IBDP students at United World College USA. She achieved student performance of 6.12 on the IB exams versus a worldwide average of 4.91.

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