PYP How, Where, Who, Share! Teacher Guide

Introduction to PYP How...


Contents page (p. 1)

The book starts off with a few pun-based jokes and the chance for children to design their own PYP Agents badge at home or as the class settles. This can be a picture of whatever they want and helps them to feel their workbook has been personalized for them.

Welcome and meeting the bugs (p. 2–3)

On page 2, is a badge for each transdisciplinary theme that children can colour in when they have completed the topic. This helps them to see which topics they have covered, as well as give them a sense of achievement.

On page 3, the children are introduced to our PYP Agent bugs, which each have two qualities from the learner profiles. This helps familiarize the children with the attributes. When children create their own bug, you can encourage them to think about the learning profile attributes and which go well with what they know of the bug they have chosen. This could be used as a simple starter activity or developed into a research task.

Glossary (p. 88)

Throughout this book, more difficult words are highlighted in a coloured bold that matches the chapter colour.

These words can be found in the glossary at the back of the book. This can be used to discuss why glossaries are useful, how you can find the word you are looking for, and what you can do if a tricky word is not in the glossary (dictionary or ask someone else).