PYP Agents Year 3 Bundle: Where We Are in Place and Time


Four books that support student inquiry into the orientation in place and time; discoveries; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individual and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.

Flying Through Time: Flying today is very safe, but it hasn’t always been. Did you hear about the man who glued feathers to himself and tried to fly? How about the cat that flew a glider? You’ll be surprised at what you find when you’re flying through time. [Read more…]

Signs of Life: Did aliens build canals on Mars? Does one of Jupiter’s moons really have an ocean filled with life? Over time, scientists have looked at and listened to deep space. They have been trying to answer the question: Are we alone in the universe? [Read more…]

Catapults: Once upon a time, the sight of a catapult struck terror in the hearts of many people. But what exactly is a catapult? How does a catapult work? And what has happened to these once mighty weapons? [Read more…]

Vikings: Imagine a Viking. What do you see? A big, bearded, scary warrior with a horned helmet? If so, this book is sure to change your view. Prepare to meet the real Vikings! [Read more…]

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