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Thank you for requesting e-inspection versions of the PYP Agents series of books. Extend Education’s e-inspections are online versions of print publications that you can access for up to 14 days. Your unique school URL can also be shared with colleagues at your institution. 

The ant tunnel inserts (shown in the right-hand column below) are illustrated, fold out pages found halfway through each book. The PYP Agents recurring character, Nat the Ant, appears in the ant tunnel, to summarise the text so far and motivate, encourage, and focus the readers’ thinking for the second half of the book.

PYP Agents is also supported by a Teacher’s Guide, lesson plans, editable worksheets and much more – all of which are completely free to use. You can find all of these free materials here.

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E-inspection books

Awesome Organs

Your organs are the most important things in your life. Why? Because they work hard every day and night to keep you alive! But how much do you really know about your amazing and awesome organs? [View e-inspection book>>]

Ant tunnel inserts

Building Shapes

What would it be like to work inside a circle? How about watching a movie inside a pyramid, or playing hockey inside a sphere? You’ll be amazed at the shapes of some buildings around the world! [View e-inspection book>>]


Once upon a time, the sight of a catapult struck terror in the hearts of many people. But what exactly is a catapult? How does a catapult work? And what has happened to these once mighty weapons? [View e-inspection book>>]


If dragons aren’t real, then why do cultures all over the world have stories about them? Could they have lived before? How did they fly? And did they really breathe fire? Explore the mysterious world of dragons and see for yourself! [View e-inspection book>>]

Flying Through Time

Flying today is very safe, but it hasn’t always been. Did you hear about the man who glued feathers to himself and tried to fly? How about the cat that flew a glider? You’ll be surprised at what you find when you’re flying through time. [View e-inspection book>>]

Going, Going, Gone

You can’t move a mountain, right? Well, you can’t, but water, wind, and gravity can! How many years has it taken to make the Grand Canyon? How can a river change its course? And how can rocks travel at 200 miles per hour? [View e-inspection book>>]

Healthy and Delicious

Will your teeth fall out if you don’t eat enough fruit? What will happen if you don’t drink enough water? And what on earth is a rambutan? If you want to be fit and healthy, this book is for you! [View e-inspection book>>]

It’s About Time

We count it, we save it, we use it, and we waste it. What is it? Time! Where does it come from though? Well, it’s about time you found out! [View e-inspection book>>]

Killer Plants

Killer plants are on the loose, and they might be in your neighborhood … But should you be worried about these creepy killers? Read on, if you dare … [View e-inspection book>>]

Money, Money, Money

How many chickens is one cow worth? What is the heaviest coin ever made? And how old is the oldest money? This book is really worth a read! [View e-inspection book>>]

On the Move

What does a seal have in common with a butterfly? How are wildebeest similar to great white sharks? And how could a red crab cause a car crash? Many creatures are on the move – but why do they move? Where do they move to? And how do they know where to go? [View e-inspection book>>]

Rabbit in the Moon

Have you ever looked at the moon and seen a rabbit looking back at you? All around the world, lots of people can see a rabbit in the moon – and there are many different stories to explain how it got there! [View e-inspection book>>]


Have you ever wondered why some rocks are different colors? Or why some are heavier, stronger, or more beautiful than others? Why do some rocks float? And what makes diamonds so hard? All of these answers lie underground, and are waiting for you to dig them up! [View e-inspection book>>]

Signs of Life

Did aliens build canals on Mars? Does one of Jupiter’s moons really have an ocean filled with life? Over time, scientists have looked at and listened to deep space. They have been trying to answer the question: Are we alone in the universe? [View e-inspection book>>]

The Golden Age of Pirates

Do you know a lot about pirates? Think again, me hearties! Many things you believe about pirates are not true. Would a pirate really make you walk the plank? Was being a pirate fun? And what time did pirates have to go to bed? [View e-inspection book>>]

The Shape of the Land

Mountains and canyons, lakes and land bridges … the land all around us has many different kinds of shapes. Why are some mountains taller than others, and some lakes deeper than others? [View e-inspection book>>]


Imagine a Viking. What do you see? A big, bearded, scary warrior with a horned helmet? If so, this book is sure to change your view. Prepare to meet the real Vikings! [View e-inspection book>>]

Weather Monsters

Are you scared of a little rain? Of course not! The weather is a normal part of our lives. But when weather monsters appear, be very afraid! [View e-inspection book>>]

When Germs Attack

There are germs all around us. Germs make us sick. Find out what germs are, how to keep them away … and how far a sneeze can fly through the air! [View e-inspection book>>]

Wild Cities

Lots of people have sparrows in their backyard, and it is pretty common to see a squirrel in the park. But have you ever been late to school because a moose was sleeping in your driveway? Welcome to the weird and surprising world of Wild Cities. [View e-inspection book>>]

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