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Here you will find a wide selection of Enhanced PYP materials for the Pathways series of books! All of these folders of resources are free to download and will be updated and added to over the coming weeks.

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We’re in the process of making our materials available in different formats to cater for both Primary Years Programme students who are learning at home and those who are back in the classroom. For example, there will now always be a student-facing lesson PDF that can be shared with your students ahead of time if your school is doing remote learning.

All the lesson plans and worksheets are fully editable so you can modify them and incorporate them as part of your PYP units of inquiry easily.

Book-specific materials

The first book-specific materials are now available to download! The rest are close behind so keep checking back for updated packs.

You will find teacher-facing, comprehension strategy lessons for the following titles in this first batch of materials:

  • Building Shapes
  • Golden Age of Pirates
  • It’s About Time
  • Rocks
  • Shape of the Land

For each title, you will also find fluency, language and text features support. And we will be making sure there are packs for all the Pathways books as well.

We will be adding student-facing PDFs and front-of-class PowerPoints for these books and more from next week. These can be used at the front of class or can be shared with students who are learning at home. Plus there will be student worksheets to record answers and reflections to the questions.



Materials designed to be used with any/all books in the series are now available to download!

Each of the question packs in the folder contains:

  • an editable teacher lesson plan
  • an editable front-of-class PowerPoint lesson
  • a PDF version of the front-of-class lesson that can be shared with students remotely
  • an editable student worksheet to record answers and reflections during the lesson.

We have the following packs available:

  • Asking Questions
  • Compound Words
  • Contractions
  • Determining Important Ideas
  • Drawing Inferences

…with dozens more to be added over the next few weeks!


Fun stuff!

We have created some fun activities just because. And these can be found here!