NEWS – PYP Agents new term offer

Stock up your bookshelves or reading library in time for a new school year with our PYP Agents nonfiction books, designed to support your units of inquiry.
  • For Grade 2/Year 3+
  • 20 high-interest chapter books
  • Independent and guided reading
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FEATURE – Killer Plants nonfiction book

Killer plants are on the loose, and they might be in your neighborhood! But should you be worried about these creepy killers? Read on, if you dare…

Killer Plants is one of our PYP Agents series of 20 fun, nonfiction chapter books in which students are guided through their reading by the friendly “Nat the Ant”.

Visit our website to look inside the book and download the free teaching resources that come with it.

FREE RESOURCE – Killer Plants teaching resources

Download these free lesson materials to go with the Killer Plants book. Resources include references to key concepts and Visible Thinking Routines to support thinking, teaching and learning.

  • Comprehension strategy lesson
  • Fluency, language and text
  • Front-of-class presentation
  • Student worksheet 

FREE RESOURCE – How the World Works teaching resources

A PYP Agent understands the importance of knowing How the World Works!

Download and print this beautifully illustrated poster so you can easily display the attributes of this IB PYP Transdisciplinary Theme. 

Perfect for brightening up your classroom, staffroom or library for the new school year!