PYP Agents: The Shape of the Land


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Mountains and canyons, lakes and land bridges … the land all around us has many different kinds of shapes. Why are some mountains taller than others, and some lakes deeper than others?

PYP Agents is a series of 20 fun, nonfiction chapter books in which students are guided through their reading by the friendly “Nat the Ant”.

The PYP Agents books are accompanied by a free Teacher’s Guide and downloadable lesson materials in an editable format that you can personalise to your students’ needs. These include references to key concepts and Visible Thinking Routines to support thinking, teaching and learning. View the free Teacher’s Guide and lesson materials.

A selection of teaching materials relating to this book can also be found below ⇓.

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  • Level J
  • PYP Year 3
  • Author: Jane Kelley
  • ISBN: 978-1-913121-27-3

Teaching materials

Comprehension strategy lesson

Jump start your students' reading with a strategies lesson.

Fluency, language and text features support​

Target specific learning points in context as students read.

Front-of-class presentation

Presentations to give at the front of the classroom.

Student worksheet

Worksheets for students to complete themselves.


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