PYP Agents Year 1 Bundle: Sharing the Planet


PYP Agents Year 1 Sharing the Planet book bundle. Five books that support inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and other living things; communities and the relationship within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.

Ready to Recycle: Did you know that you can make some amazing things by recycling? If we throw things away, then we can damage the air, the sea and the sky. So read this book to find out how to get ready to recycle! [Read more…]

Zookeepers: What is the best thing about being a zookeeper? It might be working with your favourite animals. But how would you feel about cleaning up the animal poo?! Let’s find out more about this special job. [Read more…]

Wiggly Worms: Imagine being happy if you were covered in slime! And imagine if your slime meant you were able to escape from animals who wanted to eat you. Isn’t it fantastic that the amazing world of worms is just under your feet? [Read more…]

Food Chains: Some animals eat only plants. Some animals eat only meat. And some animals eat a mixture of both. Find out about food chains and the different ways animals and plants get their energy to survive. [Read more…]

Endangered Animals: When a species becomes endangered, there’s a chance that it might disappear forever. Every year that goes by, there are more and more animals at risk. How do animals become endangered and what can we do to help? [Read more…]

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