Revise IB: Computer Science TestPrep Workbook (SL & HL) (Coming soon)


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Anticipated for May 2026 onwards

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A new subject to be added to the Revise IB series. This Revise IB: Computer Science TestPrep Workbook uses the same formula as the rest of our bestselling exam prep series and is updated for the new syllabus.

The Revise IB TestPrep Workbook series offers the following benefits to students:

  • Tips boxes provide immediate question-by-question support, allowing for independent progress.
  • Full exam papers create a realistic exam experience for self-testing, boosting confidence and preparing for pressure situations.
  • Unique, unseen questions created by senior examiners and lead educators help identify weaker areas and areas requiring more revision.
  • Mark schemes/answer keys enable students to self-assess and check answers independently, without relying on anyone else.
  • Write-in answer spaces provide a permanent record of student understanding for teachers, all in one place in a manageable amount of content.
  • High scoring student exemplar answers aid in understanding how to answer a question, not just what to write.


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