Learning outcome 1: Good customer service
Learning outcome 2: Poor customer service
Learning outcome 3: First impressions
Learning outcome 4: Verbal and non-verbal communication
Learning outcome 5: Respecting customers
Learning outcome 6: Customer complaints

1.0 Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

What you will learn about

By the end of this learning outcome you will,

  • Understand the benefits to the organisation of good customer service

By the end of this learning outcome you can,

  • 1.1 Identify examples of good practice in customer service
  • 1.2 Outline reasons why good customer service is important for an organisation

Your Learner Assessment Worksheet

For this learning outcome, there are four assessment tasks for you to complete. These are labelled Task 1, Task 2, Task 3 and Task 4.

You can download your Learner Assessment Worksheet for this learning outcome here. The tasks numbered in the worksheet correspond with the tasks throughout the learning outcome. Make sure you are filling out the correct answer box for the task.

Don’t forget to save this Learner Assessment Worksheet on your desktop.

You will upload your Learner Assessment Worksheet at the end of the learning outcome.

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