Learning outcome 1: Good customer service
Learning outcome 2: Poor customer service
Learning outcome 3: First impressions
Learning outcome 4: Verbal and non-verbal communication
Learning outcome 5: Respecting customers
Learning outcome 6: Customer complaints

1.2.1 The impact of good customer service

Good customer service can benefit your business in four important ways.

A good customer service experience can make a customer loyal to your business. As a result, they will come back to you to buy something in the future. 

For example, Apple are famous for how they treat customers. The people that work there are passionate about Apple products themselves. Customers who have bought Apple products in the past are more likely to buy them in the future.

Customers can be encouraged to spend more money than they were planning to. Therefore, good customer service can increase the amount of money each customer spends.

For example, a restaurant might suggest, ‘would you like fries with that?’ when they take an order. The customer feels like they are getting something extra and the restaurant gets more money.

Good customer service can increase the number of times a customer buys something or uses a service. 

Ben and Jerry’s have a day once a year where they give away free ice cream in their shops!

This reminds customers why they should carry on buying from them.

Many businesses donate profits from the sale of their products to global causes such as the coronavirus effort. 

As a result, this boosts their reputation and makes customers more likely to buy from them.

Word check!

Business reputation is the general opinion held about a business.

Customer loyalty is the positive relationship between a customer and an organisation which leads to repeat business.

Here’s an example…

Customer service is the most important factor for customers when choosing where to buy things from. 

Watch this video to find out more.

Why customer service matters

LO1: Task 4

Identify a good customer story on social media. Write a short description of the story. Describe how the customer story made you feel about the business.

Outline three reasons why good customer service is important for the company or organisation in the social media story.

Complete this activity in your Learner Assessment Worksheet. Save your Learner Assessment Worksheet ready for upload.

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