Learning outcome 1: Good customer service
Learning outcome 2: Poor customer service
Learning outcome 3: First impressions
Learning outcome 4: Verbal and non-verbal communication
Learning outcome 5: Respecting customers
Learning outcome 6: Customer complaints

1.1.2 Unhappy customers

According to research, you are more likely to remember bad customer service than good customer service. 

angry face emoji painted on a sign

Angry customers tell more people about their customer service experience than happy customers. Therefore, it is very important to make sure your customers are not unhappy. 

Here's an example...

On a high street there are two mobile phone shops next to each other.

You go into the first of the shops to buy a mobile phone with a contract. There is another person in the shop speaking to one of the sales representatives so you wait patiently for them to finish.

During this time, two other customers come into the shop and start looking around. When the sales representative is finished, instead of asking you how they can help, they immediately go to one of the other customers.

You tell them that you were next, but you are told that you will now have to wait.

You leave the shop and go straight into the phone shop next door. Then you tell your friends never to go into the first shop.

LO1: Task 2

Think about a time when you bought something and had a negative experience. It might have been in a clothes shop or trying to pay a bill online.

  • Tell us about the experience in class or share the experience with a partner. 
  • In your Learner Assessment Worksheet, make a list of everything you can think of that made your experience bad.

Complete this activity in your Learner Assessment Worksheet. Save your Learner Assessment Worksheet ready for the next Task.

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