Learning outcome 1: Good customer service
Learning outcome 2: Poor customer service
Learning outcome 3: First impressions
Learning outcome 4: Verbal and non-verbal communication
Learning outcome 5: Respecting customers
Learning outcome 6: Customer complaints

1.1.3 How to deliver good customer service

You can deliver good customer service by following some simple rules.

Make it easy for your customer. A good customer service experience reduces the amount of work that your customer needs to do.

Target your message directly to your customer. The more a customer’s experience is about them and their needs being met, the better the level of service. 

Say thank you when a customer buys your product or uses your service and say sorry when you get it wrong. This is more than simply being polite. It is about building a relationship. As a result, it shows your interest in the customer as a person.

In business, mistakes happen and customers get upset. So, listen to the customer to find out what went wrong. Then, work out how to put it right. By fixing the problem, you can turn a bad customer experience around.

When you have contact with a customer, such as at the checkout, through email, on the telephone or in person, you should create a positive experience. An experience is about feelings. Therefore, creating positive experiences is about making the customer feel good.

Here’s an example…

There are many different things you can do to help deliver good customer service.

Watch this video.

15 Steps to great customer service

LO1: Task 3

Describe two mistakes that could be made by a company.

Explain the steps that could be taken to put these mistakes right.

Complete this activity in your Learner Assessment Worksheet. Save your Learner Assessment Worksheet ready for the next task.

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