Learning outcome 1: Good customer service
Learning outcome 2: Poor customer service
Learning outcome 3: First impressions
Learning outcome 4: Verbal and non-verbal communication
Learning outcome 5: Respecting customers
Learning outcome 6: Customer complaints

1.1: Examples of good customer service

inside a diner with a waitress on the phone

Businesses offer their customers support and help. This support takes place before and after a customer buys something. The customer might be buying a product such as:

  • a book
  • a washing machine
  • clothes
  • food.

Or they might be paying for a service, such as:

  • going to a cafĂ© or restaurant
  • gas and electricity
  • getting a haircut
  • repairing a car
  • getting a tutor.

The reason good customer service is important to businesses is that it makes sure that customers are happy.