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IMPACT: In the Moment, Purposeful, Action

A transdisciplinary challenge for students aged 16–18 unleashing creativity, collaboration & compassion. Translating knowledge, understanding and empathy into design and innovation to solve real-world problems. Local to global, project-based and fully blended learning – nurturing awareness, advocacy & action.

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Level 1 Award in Preparing to Learn

Understand the demands and main aims of a course of study. You will also understand how to organise study time effectively, including the key features of a good, safe and productive learning environment.

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Occupational Studies Unit 40: Understanding business communication

Learn about forms, choice and effective communication. Understand behaviours within a team and the benefits of effective communication strategy.

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Occupational Studies Unit 47: Developing customer service skills

Understand the consequences of good and poor customer service skills and your role when dealing with complaints from customers.

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Occupational Studies Unit 64: Problem solving at work

Understand the different problems that may arise in a place of work, how they can be solved and the how to recognise possible solutions to a specific problem.

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Occupational Studies Unit 65: Working in a team

Understand the characteristics of a good team. Participate in a team, whilst demonstrating strengths and the ability to value contribution from others.


Occupational Studies Unit 66: Time management skills

Understand the benefits of good time management, be able to plan your own use of time and know how to improve your own time management.

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Occupational Studies Unit 67: Improving own learning and performance

Understand how to identify your own strengths and areas for improvement. You will create an action plan and review your own performance.